Microsoft CRM solves business problems 

If your business operations look like these guys
you need Microsoft Dynamics CRM




Your business has changed but you may not know it.  ALL business has changed.


The customer is now in charge — of everything! Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the platform you'll use to manage the new business world.  It combines sales, marketing, and customer service into one integrated software platform and you won't be able to outgrow it.  But you're a small business and are afraid of all the horror stories about using CRM — we know, we've seen other consulting groups and clients waste lots of effort trying to make CRM work. It's too big, too complicated, your business is simpler, but you want to grow and need a platform that grows with you.


You gotta skinny down that CRM 

We have the answer and we ARE the answer.  We only work with small businesses, really small businesses, like 1-25 people businesses.  And, we've figured out how to make Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online work for you: CRMSkinny.  As we say in Texas, "that CRM's too big fer ya; ya gotta skinny that down!"  That's what we've done.  We've taken our 25+ years of experience and hidden a lot of CRM, cleaned up menus and forms (because we know how you want to work), and added workflows and views that you would want us to change, assuming you knew what should be done. We do and we did!  Find out about how CRMSkinnys can get you into Microsoft CRM Online quicker, easier, and less expensively than other solutions.




how do I get my data transferred into CRM?    

We have that covered for you: a software App we wrote named GetLoaded plus our services.  GetLoaded will take ALL your data from an ACT! database and move it into Microsoft CRM Online seamlessly.  We also can use it, along with our services, to move data from QuickBooks, Goldmine, Microsoft Business Contact Manager, or other system you've been using.  We have gray hair here, not just from moving data out of these old systems, but we have the expertise to advise you on what to expect and tools to help lower the cost of getting over this hump.  Click on WriteToUs or Call Us below and we can discuss your options.


sounds great, BUT: can you make CRM sync with QuickBooks?     

Yes, we've done that too!  Our Dashboards+Sync for QuickBooks and Microsoft CRM Online can move data between QuickBooks (any version: Enterprise, Desktop, and Online) and Microsoft CRM Online.  Customers, Vendors, Products, Orders, and Invoices can start in one application and sync to the other automatically, unattended, through the cloud.  We know that small businesses use QuickBooks and for many of you, that's your source of truth for customer data.  In the future, we believe CRM will become that for you and we'll show you how. 


We move small businesses' computer systems to the cloud!     

Small Businesses start here:  Living Business Online loves small business and wants to help move your operations to the cloud, the Microsoft cloud.  We've already researched the options and have settled on Microsoft's CRM and Office365 to be the backbone of your new business platform.  The software is hosted in Microsoft's data center (the cloud) and is safe, secure, and accessible 24x7 from anywhere on this planet where you can connect to the internet.

Living Business Online is a new kind of consulting company for the new online cloud world. We've been helping small businesses for 25+ years in our former companies but realized that this required a whole new model for the future. Think of us as your "cloudmaster", your "computer guy" who knows how your business operates, but you'll never meet us in person. Don’t expect us to come to your office — we don't need to! We’re in the cloud with your software and data. We can support you using online meeting software like Microsoft Lync. It's a win-win for both of us. You pay less because we're more efficient. And we don't even have to take showers...  Learn more about how we can help you with Our Services.

We've written an eBook that tells you about what's happening and will happen in the future.  We call it the Online Manifesto. It explains how these new changes can benefit your business and prepares you to make decisions that you never knew you'd have to make.  It's trite to say "things happen so fast nowadays" but this online world has blown into your life just over the last few years.  It's only going to invade your life more and more.  Get the Online Manifesto here.



let's talk about your business


This is a lot to digest and ponder, we know! We've been working with it for the last few years so we can help you move into this new realm. Talk to us about your situation and let us recommend a strategy for you. Write to Us using the form below and we'll contact you via email. Or, click on the ClickToTalk button below to speak with us during business hours. Please consider us a resource and let us know how we can support you!