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Online Manifesto by Lon Orenstein

Online Manifesto: a declaration of your online future


"There have been many Manifestos over the years – The Communist, Martin Luther’s, even Hunter S. Thompson’s. I’m not smug enough to believe this will join their ranks, but it should <grin>. We’re entering an era in human life that has huge implications in how the world functions and how we interact with this new digital online world. Most of us “sort of” understand what’s been happening and have some idea of the impact on our lives but we’ve all got jobs, businesses, families, hobbies, and haven’t taken the time to put it all together. You know that the smartphone you hold in your hand is more powerful than ever before but haven’t connected all the dots in how it represents the future."

"That’s what I’m doing in this eBook – you find out what the move to a digital online world means for your life and especially business. We’ve got the underlying infrastructure built out now and are starting to reap the rewards of having a wired planet for the first time in history – ever! I call it a Manifesto because I believe it should be a call to action for us to examine how we’re going to be affected and how we each need to adapt. As you read this, think how your actions will be kick-started to take your business life to the next level."
.....  Lon Orenstein, author of Online Manifesto


Here is the Online Manifesto's Table of Contents.  There's a lot to it (with not much plot...) —  you can jump from section to section in the eBook without having to read it front start to finish.


Online Manifesto's Table of Contents


You are welcome to download a copy of this eBook here.  It's in PDF format and you are encouraged to share it with your friends.  It joins another eBook I've written, Moving from ACT! to Microsoft CRM, available by clicking on the links below.


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