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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

Dynamics CRM Online, hosted by Microsoft



If you have any of the following items as part of your business (or want them!), you could benefit from using Microsoft CRM:

prospects, leads, customers, marketing lists, campaigns, website, customer service, salespeople, opportunities, competitors, orders, quotes, contracts, reports, automated workflows, dashboards, key performance indicators

Yes, it handles all that and more! We wish they didn't call it "CRM" — it doesn't do it justice. We would call it "Blocking and Tackling Software to Run Your Business Better". It's a platform in the cloud that can run your sales, marketing, and service functions, accessible to anyone you allow such as customers, remote workers, or independent reps. It's able to interface and exchange data with all kinds of other software such as your QuickBooks accounting software (see more about our Dashboards+Sync for QuickBooks and Microsoft CRM Online).

The Dynamics CRM Online service that we like is hosted by Microsoft in highly secure data centers and your data is backed up to two more data centers. It costs $65 per user per month (no minimums; other users could be $30) — that's it! No up front fees, no software licenses to buy, no more servers to buy, no more high speed lines, routers, and switches to reduce your profits. Microsoft provides support directly to you and our people at Living Business Online are here to help you migrate your existing data, customize CRM for your business, and train your people.

Your people almost know how to use it, if they're using Outlook. CRM plugs into Outlook and you just work in Outlook all day — it's your cockpit from which you control your business life. Contacts, Accounts, Calendars, Tasks, and Emails all work right from the Outlook you and your people already know how to use. Now, they have more Outlook with CRM inside.


Sales Analytics using Microsoft CRM Online


This part of CRM handles the flow of leads to contacts to opportunities to quotes to orders.  Get visitors to your website to enter their info into a form and have it go into CRM.  That can start a workflow that automates responding to the visitor, assigning a lead to a salesperson, and more!  It's flexible and highly customizable to your sales process — change the names of virtually any part of CRM to your business's vocabulary and methodology.  Customize your Key Performance Indicators with a dashboard that can show each person's progress when they open Outlook.


Segment your database into Marketing Lists so you can target relevant groups of people.  Automate the touch points and send out emails automatically based on events that trigger automated workflows.  Create multiple Views of your data and Export lists in a variety of formats with a few clicks, then send to your existing bulk mail or email providers.  Plan and track more sophisticated campaigns and their responses.  Easily import lists from trade shows (or that you buy) using pre-defined maps.  For a more robust marketing solution, learn more about ClickDimensions.


This is a robust case tracking system (or call them tickets or incidents) with a flexible Knowledge Base as a solutions repository. Entitlements and SLA's with automated routing rules manage the customer service process to make sure your team is on top of it. Improve your customer service with a system that gives your people a true 360° view of the customer.  Schedule service calls or resources using the scheduling system to get a centralized view of service workers’ calendars and resources to optimize scheduling.  Simplify contract tracking — cases can be counted by number or by time worked to make sure your customers pay for the work you do.  See a history of your interactions with customers or prospects and give other people in your company access to the information you want them to see!


This is our favorite part of CRM because it's where CRM does things for you — no human intervention needed, just let those big ol' servers crank out tasks, emails, update data, notify people of changes in the database, and so much more!  Here's an example:  whenever a salesperson enters an Opportunity of $250,000 or more, add a Task to the VP of Sales' Task List (in Outlook!) to call the salesperson to congratulate and coach them; plus, send an email to the CEO to notify them and see if they have a personal relationship with the prospect; plus, send an email to the CFO to see if the prospect qualifies for an order that large.  Here's another one:  as soon as the Opportunity is changed to "Status = Won", enter the 12 Tasks that need to happen and assign them to the correct people automatically.  Do you think that not having humans think about those things would help your business?


check out these resources

Here are some links to Microsoft resources that will give you more detailed information about the various parts of CRM.  Just click the Back button on your browser to return to this site to see more.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Website

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