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That’s right – ALL of your data. Contacts, Companies, Groups, Opportunities, Notes and History, and Activities all migrate into CRM, linked the way they were in ACT!.

GetLoaded will create all of ACT's standard fields in CRM for you, automatically. It even modifies the basic CRM Forms and adds those fields to the forms so you don’t have to.

For custom fields you created in ACT!, you add those into CRM. Then, use GetLoaded to map them from ACT! into CRM.

You have a map for Contacts, Companies, Groups, Users, and Opportunities in ACT!. The notes, history, activities, and products from ACT! are automatically moved and don't need to be mapped.

We've tried to make GetLoaded as easy as possible to use and as flexible as you need to move your data from ACT! into Microsoft CRM. It's really as easy as 1-2-3! Here's the flow of how it works:



Step 1:    Database Connections

Click on the Database Connections button in the lower left corner of this screen.  This is where you connect to your ACT! database and to Microsoft CRM.  This not only insures that you're able to login correctly, it also reads the database to gather all the fields of data in both programs.  (Click the images below to enlarge)

ACT! Check Connections

ACT! Check Connections — Click to Enlarge

CRM Check Database

CRM Check Connections — Click to Enlarge



Step 2:    Migration Maps

Migration Maps Click on the Migration Maps button. This is where you map fields from ACT! into CRM.
  • Record Managers in ACT! map to Users in CRM
  • Contacts in ACT! map to Contacts in CRM
  • Companies in ACT! map to Accounts in CRM
  • Opportunities in ACT! map to Opportunities in CRM
  • Groups in ACT! map to Marketing Lists in CRM (and keep the contacts assigned to the Group)
  • The notes, history, and activities from ACT! are automatically moved and don't need to be mapped.


Step 3:    GetLoaded

Click on the GetLoaded button and then click the Migrate button to Get the Loading started.  GetLoaded shows you progress during the migration. There is a log file of errors and data that GetLoaded is not able to migrate so you can deal with the exceptions.



How to Get Started


GetLoaded is priced at $795 per company migrated and includes our detailed Users' Guide with tips and tricks for a smooth migration.  You can migrate as many ACT! databases as you need to, for as long as it takes for you to complete the process.

Click on the Add to Cart button below and you'll be taken to our secure Shopping Cart page to complete your order. As soon as we see your purchase, we'll send you instructions for downloading GetLoaded for your specific version of ACT!. 


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This migrates ACT! 3.0 to 2015



Would you like to see a five minute video demonstration of GetLoaded?
Click the picture below, then click on the Fullscreen button (on the bottom, far right) to see it in all its radiant splendor!






How Can Living Business Online Help You?


For many ACT! users, the biggest fear in moving to any new CRM system is how to get your valuable data converted, and how to make a new system work for you.

Our GetLoaded tool can handle the conversion of your data, fully and accurately. And if you need help because of a lack of time or resources, our consultants are available for everything from converting your data for you, to coaching you through the implementation of CRM.

We'll be your guide to help you understand just what Microsoft Dynamics CRM can do for you. We look at MS CRM as a platform. There is so much that can be done to grow your business using this structure and we can be your partner throughout. You decide how much work you can do and how much you want us to do.

Click here to send us an email today. We'll schedule a phone call to discuss migrating your data with GetLoaded and any service needs you have.






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Buy GetLoaded - Click Here
This migrates ACT! 3.0 to 2015



Requirements for GetLoaded


  • GetLoaded must be installed on a PC where ACT! 2009 (version 11.1), or ACT! 2011 (version 13.1), or ACT! 2013 (version 15.1), or ACT! 2014 (version 16.1), or ACT! 2015 (version 17.1) is installed.  The database does not have to physically reside on that hard drive, but the ACT! program must be installed there.  If you have an earlier version, you can convert it to the newer version by simply opening the database and ACT! will convert it.  Contact us for information about your situation.
  • Microsoft CRM must be accessible from the PC you load GetLoaded on.  If CRM is hosted in-house, the PC must be behind the same firewall and you must be able to login to your CRM instance using an Active Directory login.  If you are using CRM Online, hosted by Microsoft, you must have a valid Windows Live ID or Office365 ID and be a user in CRM.  For either instance, you must have System Administrator rights to the CRM instance.  If your CRM Online uses Office365 to login, GetLoaded will work with that also.
  • For large databases, you must have an adequate supply of patience and/or adult beverages for the migration process!




What Other Data Can You Move Into CRM Using GetLoaded


GetLoaded was designed to move data from ACT! databases. However, we have successfully moved data from Goldmine and Business Contact Manager into Microsoft CRM by getting it into ACT! first.  It requires Our Services in order to make it happen and depending on the state of your existing database it can be daunting.  What we've learned over the years of doing this kind of work is that maybe you don't need as much of your old data as you think.  We've devised some ways of handling the old history and notes that might work for you and reduce the cost of getting out of your existing system.  The only way to know is to contact us and let us discuss it with you. 


let's talk about your business


Contact us below by either the WriteToUs form or ClickToTalk button below and tell us your situation.  We'll listen and see what we think moving to the cloud can do for your business.