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about us

Living Business Online is a Microsoft Partner (specializing in CRM and Office365) headquartered in the clouds.  We have attained a Silver CRM competency in CRM, a Cloud Champion for Small Business, and are almost a Silver ISV (Independent Software Vendor).  We have physical presences in various places on this planet, ranging from Denver, CO to Russia.  Our "main office" is both a physical office and a website on a server located somewhere north of Dallas and south of Canada.  It doesn't really matter any more.  You can find us right here on the internet and at these other places:


Living Business Online Inc.
Office and Mailing:  7877 E. Mississippi Ave., Suite 702     Denver, CO 80247

Office Phone - International   +1 214.905.0401
Office Phone - USA  800.238.0560
Fax  +1 214.652.8246

where we came from

We've been working with customer relationship management and salesperson herding software since soon after PC's were invented.  Our founder, Lon Orenstein, became a beta tester of an unknown contact management program called "ACT!" in 1986.  We've got lots of gray hair around here...  We've worked with ACT!, SalesLogix, and Microsoft Business Contact Manager (Lon even wrote Outlook 2007 Business Contact Manager For Dummies!). We've been through contact managers, sales force automation software, synchronization tools, PocketPC software, workgroup tools, and now CRM systems.  We've trained literally thousands of people, many of whom were new to PC's, and many who thought they were going to finish their careers without having to use those danged infernal contraptions.  It's been great to be a part of this phase of society's move into a wired planet, and frustrating too! 

where we're going

As we look out into the clouds, we're more excited than we've been in years.  If you read our Online Manifesto you'll see this is a time in the planet's evolution that has been thousands of years in coming.  We're able to connect people together from every country and communicate using the internet.  Hopefully, this enables us to solve some ills in our relationships with each other, each country, each religion, and each tribe.  There's a lot of hope because we don't know what we don't know — this is all brand new!  So, we get to invent it as we go along and that's exciting to us here at Living Business Online. 

While we don't want to seem melodramatic, this really is a big shift for your business (and personal too).  Many industries will undergo big changes as the impact of this new online digital world kicks in and affects their status quo.  We're here trying to help you figure out how you can get ahead of the changes and even if you're not leading the parade, you won't be at the back of the pack picking up the droppings...

My dear old Daddy used to say "boy, you've got your head in the clouds — stop and pay attention!"  He didn't know how prophetic he really was...


let's talk about your business

Contact us below by either the WriteToUs form or ClickToTalk and tell us your situation.  We'll listen and see what we think we can do for your business.