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Analyze your CRM

and QuickBooks data

using Maps!


Reports are great for showing numbers but your eyes can glaze over all those rows and columns!  Dashboards with charts are an improvement and can show you relationships between sets of data and progress along a path.




Sometimes, the answers to your marketing and sales questions are better displayed on a map.

  • Where are my customers located?
  • Which sales territories are producing the most business or have the most opportunities?  How can I realign them to optimize revenue?
  • Are my dealers/distributors/brokers covering their areas correctly?
  • I'm going to see our biggest customers in Chicago.  If I spend an extra day there, who can I call on within a 100 mile radius?
  • I want to see the 2010 Census Data plotted on a map and see which neighborhoods we should focus on for a marketing blitz


MapBusinessOnline allows you to take data from your Microsoft CRM Online or QuickBooks database and show it on a map.  Create a View in CRM or a report in QuickBooks and then click a button to see that data displayed in full color on highly detailed maps.  Make Customers display as red squares, Prospects blue circles, former customers as green triangles — make the size of the icons scale based on their last year's sales volume.  Add census data underneath to compare various neighborhoods or zipcdes.  Show a pie chart on top of all this to analyze some of the numbers.  Take a picture of the map to use in a marketing or sales presentation to management or customers.  The list of functions goes on and on:

  • Shading: Shade maps by state, county, or zipcode to demonstrate sales volume or opportunities outstanding
  • Visualize:  Select symbols from a large collection or use your own — a picture's worth 1000 numbers!
  • Search Spatially: draw a circle or polygon around an area, then watch MapBusinessOnline create a marketing list of the customers or prospects contained within that area
  • Driving Directions:  this is easy and it's all a part of MapBusinessOnline
  • Export an Image or Print: after you create your map, create a graphic to use and send to a printer to bring the data to life.


Just some of the map data you can see with MapBusinessOnline

Check out MapBusinessOnline with a free 30 day trial.  It interfaces to QuickBooks directly AND you can use data from any application that stores address information and numbers.  Just export in CSV or spreadsheet format to import into MapBusinessOnline.  Call us by clicking on the ClickToTalk icon below or click on WriteToUs to ask us questions — we're here to support you!


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