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What does it take to implement CRM and why do I need to buy your services, Living Business Online?  I can do this myself...


You're right — you may not need our services (we mean human services like training, customization, or consulting).  Microsoft has a TON of resources available for free: videos, PDF papers, forums, blogs, and more.  You can learn this. You can also learn fracking or knitting or nuclear medicine, given enough time and diligence.  Ahhh, time — you may not have an abundance of extra time available.  And, while CRM is not complicated it is fully featured; there's a lot to it and we can help you with both strategy and making it work for your business. 



You Don't Know What You Don't Know


The toughest part of CRM for small businesses is knowing how to adapt its capabilities to your operations.  If you had 1000 employees, you'd have some that could be dedicated to getting CRM implemented and you could afford a big consulting company to come help. There are a lot of ways CRM can help your business run better but you don't know all of them — we do!  We've been doing this kind of work for 25+ years and if we haven't worked with a business just like yours we've worked with many similar ones.  We have a breadth of experience in making this work for small businesses and we can do it affordably for you. 



Here's How We Can Help


Use us as you need us. We're not a big consulting company with armies of consultants living in motels near your office for months at a time.  We're in the cloud and can work with you in short bursts of time and effort.  We charge you by the minute, literally; we don't have a minimum 15 or 60 minutes for anything we do.  If we talk to you for 10 minutes, that's what you get billed for.  If your salesperson needs some 1-on-1 training some Tuesday night while in a hotel in Buffalo, we'll work with her online using Microsoft Skype for Business or GoToMeeting.  If you want to try to do some customizations or workflows in CRM yourself and find you could use some help, we'll be here to back you up. 

You buy a block of hours from us and use those until you need some more. We've got packages below for 10 hours or 30 hours at $150 per hour (you get a 20% bonus with the 30 hours package to make your effective rate $125 per hour).  We'll send you a detailed accounting twice per month to show you what we've done and how much you have left.  It's straightforward and works best for small businesses.



CRM is all about PROCESS


We don't take the place of your existing "computer guy" — we have different skills. Once you move to the cloud, you'll have fewer needs for servers, hardware, networks. You'll have more needs for business process, workflows, and how to navigate the new business landscape. Remember that your business changed, your customer is now in charge, and you need a platform upon which to run your future operations!  You can use us to strategize with you on the answers to the questions below and then have us do the work or you can do the work.

  • How do you get from a Lead to an Order to CASH? How does CRM faciliate and track that? We can help with sales process planning.
  • We have a focus on business applications and integrating data.  NED2:  Never Enter Data Twice!
  • Enable access 24x7 using multiple devices to get work done anywhere and run your business from the palm of your hand.
  • Combine sales and marketing so you have an integrated way of finding and closing business.
  • Improve your customer service. Respond to customers quickly, in the way they want to communicate with you
  • Integrate website, operations, and accounting using software in the cloud



What Are Your Next Steps


Contact us in whatever way works for you: Write to Us or Call Us (links are at the bottom of this page) and tell us what your needs are. We'll see how we can help you get to where you want to go and support you in the way you'd like to be supported. 

Make us your Partner of Record. We're a Silver CRM Partner and Office365 Partner and ISV (Independent Software Vendor) — we're committed to Microsoft.  This is a way that Microsoft gives us to act as your Partner and navigate the Microsoft world; to be your representative and advocate; to watch out for alerts and updates available.  It costs you nothing and you have no obligation to us.  Microsoft pays us a small commission and we get recognition that we're helping Microsoft's and our mutual businesses get the most from their software and services.

Buy a block of hours and tell us what you need.  Click on the links below and you'll go to our web store to checkout.  We'll contact you as soon as we receive the order or use the WriteToUs form below to start the process. 


Buy 10 Hours of Services - Click Here
This will purchase 10 hours of services for $1500
Buy 36 Hours of Services - Click Here
This will purchase 36 hours of services for $4500


let's talk about your business


Contact us below by either the WriteToUs form or ClickToTalk and tell us your situation.  We'll listen and see what we think we can do for your business.