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Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a powerful way to run your business from now on. As a small business, you'll never outgrow it. It contains all the tools you need now and allows you to take full advantage of Office365 to move your computer systems to the cloud. That's all great but the same software that runs organizations with 1000's of users is complicated for small businesses.


Here's what we've done to CRM and what you get in CRMSkinny

So, we've taken our 25+ years of experience and hidden a lot of CRM, cleaned up menus and forms (because we know how you want to work), and added workflows and views that you would want us to change, assuming you knew what should be done. We do and we did! You need to get up and running quickly, with minimal customizations, and g-r-o-w into CRM at your own speed.  We believe small businesses need to get "live" ASAP — get your data imported and start using it everyday.  After that you can customize CRM or sometimes CRM will customize you! You can change your business processes to take advantage of the power that CRM can bring to your business. 

Don't worry, we haven't deleted anything.  We've just hidden the complexity.  We haven't locked down any parts of CRM.  Your System Administrator can still do everything they could do before.  We actually don't modify many of the outofthebox parts of CRM.  We add our own forms (with better grids and intelligent field layouts), views, workflows, dashboards, and some new scripts like formatting phone numbers. 


We skinnyed down the menus to be less confusing

The picture on the left below is the original outofthebox Sales menu showing all the options available. The picture on the right is after we've skinnyed down the choices to what most small businesses use regularly. (Click the images below to enlarge)

CRM Sales - Original Menu

CRM Sales - Original Menu: Click to Enlarge

CRM Check Database

CRM Sales - Skinny Menu

How do we know what you want?

After decades of doing these kinds of customizations for ACT!, SalesLogix, Microsoft Business Contact Manager, and now Microsoft CRM we have tons of experience to know what works and what doesn't.  While we would never criticize the people at Microsoft who develop CRM, we have often wondered if they've ever used CRM (grin!).  We certainly have and do use it every day — this Microsoft CRM.  For a small pittance compared to how much effort it took to produce this, you too can start your CRM journey with a simplifed, skinnyed down version.

What else did we change in CRM with the CRMSkinny?

  • We modified the forms for Accounts, Contacts, Leads, and Opportunities. Now, you have the best fields laid out in a much better order!
  • We added many new Views with fields that you need to see there
  • We added new Security Roles that take away users' ability to delete data, among other changes
  • We added a Home Base Dashboard to make it easy to find your data
  • We added other Dashboards for a Sales Manager and CEO to use
  • We added sample Workflow Templates so you can understand this powerful part of CRM and get started quickly
  • We added some scripts like Phone Field Formatting so your phone numbers get entered consistently and are easy to search
  • We include a User's Guide that explains not only how to start with CRMSkinny but also how to start with CRM

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This is a lot to digest and ponder, we know! We've been working with it for the last few years so we can help you move into this new realm. Talk to us about your situation and let us recommend a strategy for you. Write to Us using the form below and we'll contact you via email. Or, click on the ClickToTalk button below to speak with us during business hours. Please consider us a resource and let us know how we can support you!